Posted Feb 25, 2010 . Reasons worth living are generally emotional in some way shape or form.

The question is what makes Life worth living. He sees you.

I can't get the appropriate amount of painkillers because everybody is afraid of the CDC guidelines. Put that mirror down. Strange reasoning for a philosopher. I now play a vital role in a LIFE. He knows what it’s like to be talked about, gossiped about, and lied about. The HIGHEST price one could pay; death. I am not able to go out and play as I used to. Your profane rant reminds me of "Comedy Nite" at the bar. Human beings have a right to prioritize themselves over what might be in the collective best interest of the species. I feel that self-awareness, acceptance, and education are critical components to achieve worthiness, despite reaching the point of self-actualization. So nihilism may not be a plausible position. There is absolutely NOTHING you have done, or will do that can make him love you any less or any more. My emotions were all over the place.

Her hair. TWEET. Much of the math we possess today is based on many of the statements that were made by philosophers centuries ago.

With respect. It may not be a pleasant world-view and that's probably why most people don't adopt it. Open your Bible and read the treasure hidden in Lamentations 3:22-23. Hold on, because your victory is coming. I believe that squashes number 4. The author himself admits nihilism only denies objective meaning, therefore it doesn't follow that nihilists have no reason to be happy. I can see having a complete understanding of mathematics does not always mean someone really does. Or to coin a phrase, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Defender. I can't believe someone has trouble using their big boy words. Though man may fail, God will not. The author's attitude is revealed by his choice of words from the very beginning. Just a list of why life is worth living, I shall add to it a lot :) ... Reasons why life is worth living. You’ve probably seen 13 reasons why by now. Now I know this doesn't answer your question directly, so I will tie it in. I am an author, and have very little understanding of maths. You don't know me. Not being a writer I see my answer as your best solution.

Your life matters to the one who Created you.

Here are some possible answers to the question of what makes life worth living: Evidence from psychology and neuroscience supports the fourth answer. Although I suppose it depends upon your perception of what it means to win.

Therefore your statement implies you will tsjf action tomorrow. People by and large are not throwing out the baby with the bath water. That basic tenet has such breadth and meaning that it cannot be dismissed as "bogus". But, as I stated I am not a writer. There's no way to incorporate emotion into a mathematical formula. Do death row inmates have values of lesser equality than you or me? It cannot even tell an individual what version of Christianity (Catholic, Baptist, Morman, etc.) While theologists may jump right on that, any scientist will reject it for lack of tangible evidence. If you could try to be specific and provide a list of everything that people on here have made you feel that they're ignorant and responsible for the way Society is as it is now, that might be helpful. I know, it will hurt. © 2016 by beYOUtiful in Christ. As it turns out many of these philosophers also were mathematicians in their day. I was living in Ibiza at the time, in a very nice villa, on the quiet east coast of the island. An "Option" must be chosen from several potential paths. Years of hurtful words said can leave a lasting impact if you let them. This might not sound so bad too many people. Champion. 1 Corinthians 6: 20 says you were bought with a price. It's why parents will risk life and limb for their offsprings. He was advocating really living. Do you care? You are worth it. Basically I do nothing. I am not able to enjoy the things that life has to offer. Your just there and then your gone, makes no difference. If, as you say, suicide is the only option, then suicide is not an,"option." I also believe that everybody is destined for something. That's why I am tossing it out the window.

He has endured pain. Here's why. The way this question is approched is not a quest for the truth, for the accurate evaluation of life and the world. It was the most beautiful view I had ever known, but I didn’t care. -_- Anyways... You didn't get the message here, apparently.

Before you do this let me warn you that the mathematical community will ask you for making such a comparison. Kialo requires JavaScript to work correctly. All suffering.

Reasons to live.FOR GIRLS. But let's just say you're right. Go ahead. If you haven’t seen it, then you’ve heard about it because that’s what your friends are talking about. Essentially Pascal was saying that it doesn't hurt to believe in a god whether one exists or not. You aren’t called to look in the mirror of hurtful words, shame, or abuse. Some people are destined to be the victims. Such satisfaction often yields happiness, but even the pursuit is enough to give life meaning.

How many do we ALL pass by daily?

When people fail you, when they break promises, when they let you down over and over again; He remains TRUE. So I live my life in constant pain. To the original author who had the question concerning a math equation; if what I stated doesn't help you, please respond and let me know.

But I was diagnosed at the age of 50. As the family man or the good employee or whatever else.

Simply siteing the word ignorance and then blaming me for everything that's wrong in society simply doesn't paint a picture. Your shitted into a world, a system and society, no one asked you if you wanted or not. Maybe your fighting a spiritual or physical battle and you know you need help. NOTHING! "promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity..." - U.S. Constitution. Because of the choices that I made three decades ago I am riddled with bony calcifications on all of my bones throughout my body and have been diagnosed with advanced arthritis.

Really? 5 Ways to Keep Yourself from "Falling" into Temptation. You can have happiness without much meaning, and meaning without much happiness; thus, happiness is likely not the meaning of life. His belief states that it is better to believe in one, than spend eternity in damnation. I'm not trying to kick you when you're down. Zen. The Reasons Life Is Worth Living The idea is so fundemental that our society was built on it. All the major religions promote the golden rule. I'm not sure if there's a God or a plan in the universe. Anybody with the most basic of math skills really can't refute what Pascal stated.

As long as you weild the instrument, you are in control.

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