I want to know how the training is there for the nurse (for … I´m coming from Germany and want to become a nurse in the netherlands, but I just don´t speak their language (I know - I first have to learn). ... You must have started this qualification after the date Netherlands implemented the EU standards for general nurses … After following an educational program in which you’ll learn to understand and speak Dutch and get used to the Dutch customs and protocols in healthcare, we present you a vast amount of career options that range from caretaking in nursing … Nursing Education in the Netherlands Nursing education in the Netherlands, much like in the remainder of the European Union, takes place at most of the country’s universities and is offered at a variety of levels, leading to degrees and the certifications needed to practice nursing … Mrs C is a Dutch national and qualified as a nurse … Becoming a nurse, midwife or nursing associate; Approved programmes; ... Information for nurses and midwives who trained in an EU or EEA member state. Nursing is a "Regulated Profession" in Holland; the NL Competent Authority that deals with this is called "Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport (Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport) - CIBG"; this link takes you to their website where you should be able to get more information. In the Netherlands to be exact.

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