Speeds would sometimes drop to 0Mbs even if I walk only 10 feet in any direction. There’s no on-off switch for these lights, but you can use the Asus router mobile app to customize it. Do you think the Nighthawk MR63 would be able to do this? The only difference between the two, in Wi-Fi, is the fact the RT-AX82U has a lower tier 2.4 GHz band. Connect the network cable to the modem. I have a 3-storey home that has a relatively small surface area (kind of like a long and skinny shape with ~700 sq ft per floor) where the router sits on the main floor. It now covered the whole garage and only started to decrease in strength after moving about 15 ft. from the front door. I don’t have any WiFi 6 device yet but though it is worth to get a WiFi 6 router for this upgrade. Buy (NETGEAR RAX50-100NAS or Nighthawk AX5400 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router) with benefits. NETGEAR Nighthawk 6-Stream AX5400 WiFi 6 Router (RAX50) - AX5400 Dual... NETGEAR Nighthawk 6-Stream AX5400 WiFi 6 Router (RAX50) - AX5400 Dual Band Wireless Speed (Up to 5.4 Gbps) | 2,500 sq. It is just a new release this month in Indonesia. I think I’ll be keeping my AX86U since it does the job for me and is faster. As in another user, I too, am not willing to pay the price for this router. I’ve been reading quite a few of them and I’m a little bit stuck as to what to do in my current situation. It is more for family set up (I don’t do heavy gaming), WFH and since the pandemic the kids (two of them) have to do full online class (Google Classroom+Meet). Chances are you won’t be able to see 1 Gbps Internet speed on your devices. How to choose the best Wi-Fi 6 router for you. However, other PCs hardwired to a switch and then to the Linksys WRT1900 speed tested around the 60 Mbps download and 9 Mbps upload. 1. I tried QoS to prioritize gaming on AC68U and it didn’t help a bit. You’ll have a lot of fun with it. By the way, you can control the Aura RGB lighting only when the RT-AX82U works as a standalone device or the primary router in an AiMesh system. It’s a much better router overall. And would you recommend something different all together? After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Since I did not have the new router yet, I just reconnected the Linksys WRT1900. Not only were my Netgear X10’s WiFi speeds more consistent but I could get faster download speeds of up to 645Mbps. I am currently using a pair of AC68U since it was released and I am planning to switch to WIFI 6 because now I have more gears with WIFI 6 and Work From Home with connection dropping all the time is not fun at all. That’s a tricky setup, Sucipto. I mention that because it seems like all the Netgear reviews get lumped together. • Wash your hands! Model: AX5400 WiFi 6 | 6 Streams Built with the latest generation WiFi technology, the NETGEAR Nighthawk AX6/6-Stream AX5400 WiFi Router provides up to 4 times more network capacity as compared to WiFi 5 (802. If you’re looking for a well-performing, feature-laden, compact Wi-Fi 6 machine that you can use for gaming as well as everything else, including a mini disco party, the Asus RT-AX82U fits the bill squarely. With this new one - identically configured - I'm only getting 425MB. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for NETGEAR Nighthawk 6-Stream AX5400 WiFi 6 Router (RAX50) - AX5400 Dual Band Wireless Speed (Up to 5.4 Gbps) | 2,500 sq. The high speeds of my 1 Gig Mbps download and 35Mbps upload internet service plan may also have contributed to my AX8’s early demise. My home is actually wired up already, I just wasn’t sure if I could wire the satellites or not, and although it’s wired, the person who setup the modem ran in the cord about 20 feet away from where the wires come out (d’oh!). I also pre-ordered the NETGEAR Nighthawk AX8 8-Stream AX6000 Wi-Fi Router. Read our full Netgear AX1800 Mesh Extender (EAX20) review. I find it very interesting they'd not only release the RAX120 with only downstream OFDMA, but advertise having both down and up in the Amazon listing. 3. Long story sort, I am currently using TPLink Deco M5 mesh (1 + 1) on a 1Gbps internet connection and mainly have 3 laptops, 3 iPhones, 2 iPad and 1 Android TV box will be used concurrently, the reason for me to look for an upgrade is because whenever I started watching a video (HD only) from the Android box, the router will stop working and I have to restart both routers to restore the WiFi connection. What Is a VPN, Is it Really Good for Privacy, How to Get One for Free? So I had to take this for face value and assume the disclaimer on the box was the final verdict. But considering the vast amount of storage-related features the router has to offer, you will wish the numbers were higher. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. What a great deal, Ruby! On the inside, though, the new router is a somewhat muted version of the RT-AX86U. Update 4/26/19: AX8 lasted only 1 month and 9 days before WiFi download speeds consistently slowed down to half or less than half of it’s original new straight out of the box speeds. As I read it, the Aura RGB can light up different patterns. For now, they are attached to the router’s gaming feature than its Wi-Fi. Now Explain This! ft. Coverage at Amazon.com. I did try the RT-AX82U in an AiMesh system with a bunch of other routers — including the RT-AX86U, RT-AX88U, RT-AX89X, and the GT-AX1100 — and it worked out well. Dynamic DNS Explained and How to Set Up Yours Like a Pro. Of course, you can always get both. At first i was not getting my speeds about 160 mbps. Reviewed in the United States on November 26, 2019. After connecting the Netgear router, which also didn't just pick up on my previous wifi settings, my speed dropped to no more than 95 mbps on wireless, with 4 different speed test apps. The NETGEAR company offers users to check out RAX50-100NAS. First of all, thanks for the review and other informative guides! And finally, on the 2.4 GHz band, which the RT-AX82U has lesser specs compared to its brother, the numbers were quite impressive, too. Or should I just keep my AX82U as my main router? Reviewed in the United States on January 14, 2019. The Nighthawk AX6 6-stream AX5400 WiFi Router (model RAX50) is the latest standalone Wi-Fi 6 router from Netgear, aiming at users who want the similar performance of the RAX120 but can’t afford it. My internet connection right now is 400 Mbp, i can upgrade to a 1Gb. Basically, the router will automatically create especial QoS and port-forwarding settings for a game of your choosing. And this time, the connection between the two averaged 560 Mbps and 475 Mbps for the close and long-range, respectively. 3rd pic was taken on 4/26/19 showing speed of X10. Is that worth $500? Asus RT-AX82U: A fancier, yet muted, version of the RT-AX86U, Hardware specifications: RT-AX82U vs. RT-AX86U, Wi-Fi Router Explained and How to Pick a Perfect One for Yourself. Between the antennas are the usual four Gigabit LAN ports and one Gigabit WAN port. 11ac). You’ll be stuck with the default Aura setting (pulsing blue) or the one you last picked when it was working as the router. In this case, you should wire the home with network cables first. Apart from the game-related things, it’s important to note that the RT-AX82U has all the common features you’d expect from an Asus router. In reality, though, since this band is so slow anyway, the two delivered similar real-world performances you can see in the performance section below. I have a netgear cm1000 cable modem and have ax5400 hardwired. But in return, it’s (on the way to be) certified as part of the NVIDIA GeForce NOW‘s recommended routers. In this case, though, picking which to be the primary router of the AiMesh system will be challenging. From monitoring the network traffic, the total bandwidth is not under much stress (<1/4 of the allowable up and down). Once connected the app prompted to upgrade the firmware. The extended coverage was even more so. ft. Coverage, Model: AX11000 WiFi 6 | 12 Streams with Tri-Band. In fact, it edged out the RT-AX86U a little with the sustained speeds of 875 Mbps and 694 Mbps at the close and long-range, respectively. The Asus RT-AX82U AX5400 Dual-Band Gaming Router is an excellent Wi-Fi 6 solution. It’s always hard to figure this out precisely but if you live in a home of 1800 ft2 (167 m2) without thick walls, this router will be able to take care of every corner. My X10 is more stable and faster than my AX8, Reviewed in the United States on April 4, 2019. Way too wide for the Netgear. Disclaimer: Netgear has not paid me to write this review or asked me to endorse this product (AX 8). That, by the way, is similar to the case of any standard router with a web interface. I had the same issue with the LEDs in a AiMesh node. I received this router the day it was released. Power up the device. I am thinking, ZenWifi connected to my ISP router, while AX82U wired to the central ZenWifi and the other ZenWifi nodes connected wireless. It’d be my main router with 3 other nodes connected by cable, the main router will have to cover the widest area compared to others Don't waste your time getting the new AX (wifi 6) tech since its not readily available in devices they said.

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