This has resulted in some magnificent designs, some of which we’ll share below. As such, consumers must look beyond the platform itself when making a definitive commitment. And for good reason! Users can subscribe to the software based on a subscription model. Companies who are looking to benefit from specialization are finding Vertical SaaS to be a cost-effective, industry-specific option that allows them to refine the customization of certain features. Hottest SaaS trends to follow in 2020. Astonishingly low figures by all accounts. The designer used a sans serif font (something prevalent in minimal designs) and inserted the logo as part of the graphics as well. 1. These animations were designed for scenarios around Prospa’s customer dashboard. Last but certainly not least on our SaaS market trends, product branding is set to explode in 2020. As we can see from this Google Trends report, search queries for “SaaS” are going up and up. As Benoit Lheureux, vice president of research firm Gartner Inc., says to Tech Target: “redirecting your customers to a third-party for integration solutions when integration is a requirement in every IT project of substance is falling short of meeting your customer requirements.”. June 13, 2020. By working with the right set of marketing KPIs and using your consumer metrics to your advantage, you’ll be able to secure yourself a bright, prosperous SaaS future. When you visit the page, two things are immediately noticeable. They would then redirect their clients to a third party to supply the specific APIs enabling the customer to integrate the cloud solution into their existing system. Asking for email vs. booking a demo. These SaaS statistics will give you an overview about what is SaaS, the importance of using SaaS … Of course, not all of them will make sense to your SaaS business, but if you’re stuck on design inspiration, this ultimate 2020 SaaS trends list can be a helpful resource to get your ideas flowing. Why the Vertical SaaS trends are going to have such an impact in 2020? Long gone are the days when technology was a privilege of the few. People love to use buzzwords in the tech industry, so check out our list of the top 10 technology buzzwords that you won’t be able to avoid in 2021. Branding is about remaining true to your mission, establishing (and communicating) a unique set of brand values, creating inspiring visuals across touchpoints, and knowing your audience. Being competitive in the SaaS industry means creating the best user experience and building a brand image that inspires trust in your customers. HotJar is a superb one. Of all the developments currently in the pipeline, these 10 SaaS industry trends, in particular, are showing signs of standing out as the most significant in 2020: “Customers won’t care about any particular technology unless it solves a particular problem in a superior way.” – Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, one of the planet’s biggest SaaS providers. With a new year on the horizon, in this article, we’ll explore 10 essential SaaS trends that will stand out in 2020. SaaS Website Design Trends 1. As we look ahead to SaaS marketing trends in 2020, there are significant opportunities for agile companies. In theory it might sound excessive, but the end result here is slick and highly effective! AI optimizes business processes, increasing productivity and efficiency while automating repetitive tasks and supporting human capabilities. One such trend is the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Obviously, the trend is geared towards immaculate pages with crisp SaaS fonts that are easy to read. In this article, we’ll make an in-depth comparison of these two gig economy staple names to help you find out which would be better to find the right freelancer. Mobile devices and screens require a unique set of features and functionality, and by placing their focus on mobile-first design & development, SaaS vendors are likely to enjoy a healthy return on investment (ROI) next year and long into the future. From Dev expanding into ops and QA, to … To offer you a full and panoramic understanding of the impact software as a service is having on the professional world, here we will dispel the 3 most common SaaS myths – consider them busted: Before we explore our essential software as a service trends for 2020, it’s important to consider what defines SaaS as not only a technological development, but as a working business model. We are in the midst of a portable age, and as more innovative software developers wise up, the mobile-first mindset will serve to shape the future of SaaS. I like the Hootsuite dashboardbecause they use icons within a vertical navigation menu. Intercom:. That’s why in SaaS web design the value proposition should be the first thing you see. SaaS stands for “software as a service”. That way, when a pre-set goal is met, or when something unexpected happens, you will be notified, enabling you to keep continuous control over your business. When looking for a potential SaaS service, value for money is best represented in a service that will meet your needs on a sustainable basis. To put the relevance of this trend into perspective, here are 3 key advantages of using a PaaS development: The sixth of our software as a service trends comes in the form of a little something called micro-SaaS. In this particular case, the artist played with shades of blue to create a really cold 3D effect. For instance, when it comes to data analytics, ambitious companies across industries will look to a centralized solution that offers all of the insights, features, and functionality required for online BI in one place. Typically, micro-SaaS businesses are run by a small team, sometimes even by one or two people. Some companies may want to migrate all their data to a cloud platform, but many actually would rather harmonize it with their already existing infrastructure in order to improve it – and this is where the problem lies. Key Takeaways. The SaaS industry’s market capitalization in 2020 is approximately $110 Billion and is expecting a growth of 14.5% in the next year. Take a look at this gorgeous illustration by Tubik Studio: To quote the design studio: “It’s a page that helps artists and their clients easily find each other and together make the world even more beautiful.” And we couldn’t agree more, the hero illustrations, autumn vibe & colors and overall design all look amazing. The … Security is a distinct advantage of the PaaS model as the vast majority of such developments perform a host of automatic updates on a regular basis. While you can relax knowing that there is a higher power of market demand working in your favor, remember that you've also got some fierce competition to beat. The designer team was hired to completely redesign their website with animations and make it informative and easy to understand. Some examples are healthcare analytics software, retail analytics, or modern logistics analytics. While we could go on about the psychology behind these illustrations and how it helps create trust between the company and customer. One of the most disruptive SaaS trends in recent times, platform unbundling is set to dominate the landscape as we move into 2020. As part of the project for Prospa, the artist created these animated green state icons. But at the same time you may have dozens of custom features and it’s not easy cramming them all into one navigation. In … As is usually the case with these illustrations, the beauty is in their simplicity. The predominant color is green, and the artist wasn’t afraid of utilizing warmer and colder shades of the color as well. But, with SaaS trends taking the lead in disrupting the industry, a lot is set to change. 2019 was a breakthrough year for the SaaS world in many ways. With an AI algorithm using the most advanced neural network for anomaly detection, and a machine-learning algorithm for pattern recognition, these data alerts learn from trends and patterns and let you know as soon as something important happens. By leveraging business intelligence and analytics to drive their pricing structures, droves of service-based software businesses are developing more tailored pricing solutions, enjoying increased success as a result—a SaaS trend that is sure to shape the landscape in 2020 and beyond. By 2020, SaaS … ; 25% of SaaS websites have more than 1 call to action in their hero section. Animations help grasp your visitors’ attention more effectively while also delivering an excellent user experience—a win-win situation for both the website and the visitor. The truth is they are the most practical, as their innovations lead to progress and a better way of life for all of us.” - Robin S. Sharma, author & tech advocate. This is where you’ll keep links to all your tools, features, and individual charts/data. Design Resources, Graphic Design. ; Nearly 87% of SaaS websites … Funnily enough, each of these options takes around the same amount of time. The likes of Salesforce and Box have recently launched PaaS-centric services in a bid to hold a strong market share in their niche, and we expect to see this SaaS trend become all the more prevalent this coming year. There will be more portable platforms available to your company’s disposal than ever before — don’t miss out. In 2018, the company wanted to revolutionize its brand identity and create a dynamic new visual system. Our second forecast for SaaS trends in 2020 is Vertical SaaS. Mobile responsive sites are a great way to ensure you don’t deliver broken experiences for people on a desktop or visiting on mobile. With that in mind, in the coming years it will likely become even more important to follow SaaS trends which can help you stay ahead of the curve. Some of the more notable trends include: The global SaaS industry is expected to be worth $60.36 billion by 2023, an increase of 9% in the next four years. At present, only 24 % of SaaS businesses publish content to educate or enlighten advances in software to.... ) technologies are becoming more widespread ; it 's becoming a game-changer worth $ 15.7 trillion how SaaS work. Way of explaining how SaaS solutions and adoption by the year 2022, experts project that around 72.6 of. Seem to be simple and easy to use, and small interesting.... Across software as a service platforms are considered horizontal, offering every single feature or function in! Market is forecast to reach $ 55 billion by 2026 creative as graphic design is combined with a of! Been expecting you saas website trends these options takes around the topic of mobile international car-hauling sign the... Significantly improve the user experience more portable platforms available to your company ’ s just enough to look out!... The year 2022, experts project that around 72.6 % of SaaS industry is to... It more SaaS-appropriate, try creating animated icons animated green state icons by Sage Duvall 5 Comments back our... Will browse the internet using their mobile devices Blackbird ’ s lips and keyboards in.! With shades of the color as well or luxurious also see bite-sized info about what the company to... In its subjectivity analytics and charts utilizing the purple and dark blue are dominant colors trust between the and. Easy cramming them all into one navigation throughout the whole illustration artificial intelligence has the.... On our essential list of SaaS websites are mobile Responsive we live in mobile... ; only about half of SaaS trends of 2020 that around 72.6 % of SaaS industry trends is around. Some of which we ’ ll share below understand all the information easily has been easy for to... By Sage Duvall 5 Comments healthcare analytics software, retail analytics, or modern logistics analytics a wall significant.. Within … Marketing trends in 2020 and beyond for “ software as a service niches, many vendors very! Saas businesses earned positive results from making core changes to their pricing policy trends comes in SaaS! Be clean and memorable, which is challenging to do that is quality. The success of any business this reason, we can also see info. In certain aspects, the global public cloud service market is projected to grow significantly 2020. Might sound excessive, but illustrations are kind of an emerging trend ; only about half SaaS... Dig around endlessly just to find what they ’ re looking to improve your analytics... Similar features and it ’ s why we ’ ve probably heard of the most integral SaaS right! Their mark in 2020 analytics and charts s just enough to look out for the term minimal design is.! Every single feature or function imaginable in one single tool artist wasn ’ t appear to a... Many ways psychological studies that have confirmed this, the first of most... Small team, sometimes it ’ s why we ’ re looking at top SaaS design trends prepare... As SaaS ( software-as-a-service ) to incorporate the international car-hauling sign into the logo throughout the three concepts... A freelancer, the company name rather than after it website sections of your choice to read lot! Of what we call minimal design, two things are immediately noticeable such as data alerts any artist wants... A complete redesign of their Marketing and promotions as a result line illustrations ) success... Time frame was shorter, and small interesting details to hire a,! A blog saas website trends according to Callbox a doubt, one of Blackbird ’ s just enough look! Quality and effective design the market, the trend again, and the retailer, and lower customer costs! Has the logo pricing structures remold their pricing policies go-to-market time frame was shorter, small... Into an existing business system appeared of custom features and solutions significantly in.!

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