Usually the ones that are just release such as Xenon, Eunwol will be overpowered and later nerfed. In MapleStory, what EXP is needed to level up from Lv1 to Lv2? Please consider whitelisting ads here to support this website! Was saying my hard drive was in danger and I should call a certain phone number and ask for help. Another is to sell meso to your friend in exchange for SP Reset Scroll. Thanks for all your hard work. I actually bought the 60 and 70 from npc never had an ancient bow drop sinse level 30, @Marc: Demon Avenger is stronger than Demon Slayer because his stats grows exponentially with HP stats just by leveling up to gain more HP. So far you have uploaded 29 of them. Thanks in advance! Hey ayumi,got update any infor about kMS ver. will that work? best wishes. i have a bug where in azwan, monsters hp doesn’t go down (in attack, occupy, defend modes). Hi Shawn Jun, I think it wouldn’t be much of a problem. i dont want to stack with him , i play it for link skill only lol, hello ayumi im not good in english The random ads that when you click on a link they will appear as new tab and sends you to sites that are random and make probably absolutely no sense. Current CPU (Ivy Bridge and Haswell CPU) are above that GHz. At this point of time, a fresh MapleStory installation would take up to 3.5 GB (Gigabytes) of space in your hard disk. Can you recommend best class for solo playing with high dps pls guide me, and v coin season 2 have ring cri rate + 10 , ring cri dam + 10 and boss damge +10 Nothing annoys people more than pop-ups, and from what I’ve seen, anything you make from them doesn’t really counteract the interference it puts on your users. Once you reach Level 140, you can grab your new gear and perform the necessary spell trace/star force again! really sucks her stuff been really helpful for some years, Hi, Ayumi! Thank you. Will you still be doing skills videos about jobs in Maplestory ? Hi Ayumi! Really dislike the tiling system in Windows 8 :D, @Adrian: You could find all the job listed on the right side panel. Which of following quests can be repeated? However, when I refreshed the page, I discovered there weren’t any banner ads anywhere. I’ve tried all sorts of methods but it doesn’t work . Thank you, Hey ayumilove, sorry to talk this topic in here, because i can’t leave a comment on that bandit guide. I’m specifically looking for a hotkey method to “press” a set of keys at once. Mechanic 1st Job Skills. BonesMan80. @Guest12: To me, most classes are kinda balance. What I did was to perform spell trace and star force on item Level 20 (1st + 2nd job), 60 (3rd job) and 100 (4th job) ~ approximately every 40 levels. I’m a first time player (I know, a bit late) and invested quite a lot of time into this one character. Hi Max, Pirate Guide is still Work In Progress (WIP). It might not suit your taste since different players have different liking. Any predictions of when it will be tidied up and working again? He’s also burned. @Blissys: I used macro only for the buff skills. I’ve been at this for a week now. I notice you have stopped updating, hope you’re doing well! When you’re hitting max damage per line, then DPS%/second no longer matters. The one that is most fun for me is Demon Avenger and Soul Master aka Dawn Warrior. The other alternative is to start all over again. But you have some turkeys who are putting some ugly stuff on your main page. i just play in th server Could you recommend some of the ad network you used for your websites and share your experiences on the good/bad? i start with mercedes class and play other class for link skill @Mazta: Thanks for spotting the mistake! Once I get the Frozen gear at 100, and then level to 120 and the the 100 exp potion, would I be able to delete it and then make a new burn character to get the frozen gear again? If you have an entry-level graphic card, it shouldn’t matter. I have not tested whether NX Cash Items are transferable within the Reboot server. Lesson: Always close pop up ads for better web experience. @UserOfYourGuides: For mobbing class which has very large AOE (area of effect) attack and levels very quickly: my top 3 picks would be Luminous, Xenon and Dawn Warrior. – Arwen and the Glass Shoe Set #6 1. In fact, I think hairstyles were what brought me here originally, many years ago. Do you have any recommendations to get around this? Ayumi, I have a question. From-Askew c: It would be nice if there is a picture beside each equipment for easier understanding :), Evan isn’t actually a Legend, the previous Dragon-Master Freud was, but he died. I have added it :), you’re missing the evan in the legends job category. Wild Hunter PowerLevel 10-200 IN LESS THAN 1 … In order to reset the SP (Skill Points), one must use SP Reset Scroll which is only purchasable from Nexon Cash Shop using NXCash (Need real money to convert into NXCash). Is it possible to gain more skill points in older levels, without starting all over? Notify me of followup comments via e-mail or subscribe without commenting. Thanks!! Where can i find Ancient bow. i really enjoy playing beast tamer :(, Ayumilove sorry to trouble you but I can’t seem to download maplestory on windows 8. Ayumilove HackerStory V1 So what I am confused about is whether I should copy the files over while they say .kr or .er! :). Right now, I’m doing the Evan level up event to get the Lvl 100 EXP potion. Please refer to Resistance Citizen Skill Build Guide for more details as it is shared among Battle Mage, Blaster, Mechanic and Wild Hunter.. hello ayumilove, I am a gms player. But this seems to force me to don’t play it because I mess up this char and its useless when i got to higher lvl….=( need help~, Thank Sean Kwan for letting me know how the guides here help you :). My fingers kinda hurt after playing Aran so I stopped playing it. I hear that people are more sociable on it, so I want to give it a try. It also has a claim rewards button. I have moved it to Knights of Cygnus. I’ll post a comment here to notify when its done :). 2 Handed Weapon: Two-Handed Sword, Two-Handed Axe, Two-Handed Mace, Spear, Polearm, Bow, Crossbow, Claw, Knuckle, Gun, Dual Bowgun, Hand Cannon, Katana, Fan, Flash Game does not require download nor install. For the main primary skills that uses combo for attacking, I keep practicing until I’m able to execute the combo skills fluently. I have added Beast Tamer right away :), Where is Beast Tamer? What would be awesome would be a tier list of classes based on Mobbing/Bossing/Leveling! This is Mr.Askew, a user of the English patch that you have set up! Demon Avenger is super tanky and only bosses that deals damage based on your MAX HP is the one that poses the real trouble :). Is Demon Avenger stronger than Demon Slayer if unfunded? Hi Ayumi, thank you for your hard work in this website. i really want to try out the gms, thank you, @Brice: Yes, I’ll be making them once I have the time to create the jobs and upload the video :). HackerStory V0.23 Is beast tamer useless now? hi ayumi, im from malaysia, i downloaded the gms game but i cant play it, i think maybe its because of my region, can you teach me or make a video of how to play gms outside of na. Ridiculous! btw my processor is intel core i5 M 460 @2.53 GHz and 4GB RAM :3. I’ve been using your site for years now, for skill builds, leveling guides, and hairstyles. @bakhe: Yes, I did that too and it speed up leveling quite significantly without needing to hunt equips that matches your character level. I use 70% scrolls using Star Force Upgrade System during Spell Trace Fever Time which increase the success rate from 70% to 95%!. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. He his known as one of the “Heroes of Maple” the new generation of “Legends”, @Kise: Thanks for pointing out the missing job “Evan” in the Legends section. Would love to see a completed video guide on all the classes. Hi, MapleNoobie here. :( I don’t know what to focus on his hyper skills thanks Ayumi ! Hi ayumilove it’s Askew again! Hi Ayumi thanks for the guides. can you post latest skill build on ho young because is coming soon on MSEA. can you post latest skill build on Adele because is coming soon on MSEA, hello very helpful guide just started demon slayer and i tried to send you email it just takes very long and stull like sending with rotating arrows , Hi i would like to know if its better to get more int or magic attack on my armor. At one point, I was impatient so I went on to get my next skill guide without being able to max everything out. Thanks again! And I am a big fan of your guides/site. i checked steam guides nothing. can i play this game with vga intel HD graphic – ironlake ? Currently restructuring the site. Please help me. Any clues on this? I think you’re missing psy-limiters for kinesis in the weapons category. 4:48. If it’s not, I’ll probably be trying a lot more classes out before jumping in and buying a pet. The Mechanic is a powerful class that belongs to the Resistance. Delete those data file and extract the ones from the zip file provided here, then switch to Korean data first, run MapleStory2, uncheck the box to auto-login into game, once preloader is completed, switched to English data, the press the blue button to enter the game. What happened to the night walker guide? Please continue to workhard, I’ll spread your hard work to other people on Facebook, (The ones I can..and ask them to spread too!).

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