4214 You can see where we’re going with this. This is not a subtle difference – it could make or break your project. It will offer the most power and versatility. On the other hand, if you are not sure whether you need a drill press at all, make sure to read through my guide to using the tool. Lighter area on the graph represents the … Finally, while the two lower-end models – 4208 and 4210 have fixed speed settings, the higher-end 4212 and 4214 have variable speed settings. If you’ve ever used a drill press with head tilt, I’m sure you quickly understood this function’s value. Table Saw vs. Miter Saw: Which One to Choose? Overall, its dimensions are 33.9 x 13.5 x 11 inches, and it tips the scale just over 62 pounds. The WEN 4208 is a versatile, portable and powerful bench drill press and is a great choice for your home or shop projects. This small, base-level WEN drill press does not come with any special features worth noting. This machine offers the same laser, depth gauge, and light as its smaller relative. As opposed to the inability to deal with chunkier piecework found in the WEN 4208, WEN 4210T; or the sky-high price that you have to pay to get a well-functioning industrial drill press like the WEN 4214, the WEN 4212 is a perfectly-balanced mixture of everything needed. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Depending on how frequently you plan on using your drill press, as well as how much work you’re accepting and how quickly you need them done, you should think closely about which drill press to buy. 4208, 4210, 4212 and 4212 They all feature the same depth-locking mechanism, namely a single rod on the left-hand side of the drill. It has a 2/3 HP motor with more amperage than the 4212, making it the most powerful of the four. If, on the other hand, you need variable speed, then choose either the WEN 4212 or the WEN 4214. Actually, in terms of those specs, the WEN 4208's price totally blows those expensive drill press out of the water. Worx vs. DeWalt: Which of the Two Brands Is Better? A China-based company named WEN produces drill presses that are accurate, powerful, and cost-efficient. WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press Review, Dremel 220-01 vs WEN 4208: Drill Press Comparison, Jet JWL-1015 vs JWL-1221VS: Wood Lathe Comparison, SKIL 3320-01 vs WEN 4208: Drill Press Comparison. 4212 This improved model sports a 2/3-horsepower (4.5 amps) motor which delivers between 530 and 1,300 RPM. In this article, I will look at how the company’s four most popular models – the WEN 4208, the WEN 4210, the WEN 4212, and the WEN 4214 – compare against each other. WEN 4210 vs 4212 – Main Features and Specifications WEN 4210 Features Motor Power. They come in a wide range of size and capabilities, so finding the right drill press can be a bit challenging. Plus, the worktable is a little larger at 7-5/8-inches square. 4214 You get the same additional features as you get with the other three units, except it also comes with a table roller extension. Once again, bevel capacity ranges up to 45° to the left or right. In a nutshell, we prefer drills that have larger tables, quicker max speeds, and accurate depth gauges. The spindle travel ranges from 2 to 3.1 inches. The worktable starts out at 6.5 x 6.5 inches and works its way up to 9.5 x 9.5-inches. The spindle also travels up to 2 inches deep into whatever stock you’re working on. 4212 The WEN 4212 has a swing of 10 inches. Get this WEN 10-inch drill press if you use this model only for tiles, wood, ceramics, plastic and soft metal. The price point, power, and size of this drill press make it a better candidate for more serious hobbyists or semi-professional woodworkers. Again, this is a big consideration when picking out a WEN drill press. It has a 3.1-inch spindle travel, and a 12-inch swing. Since it is also the least expensive drill on this list, it’s ideal for a hobbyist. This isn’t too bad since you can’t solely rely on laser guides to give you accurate readings. These units are priced lower than most of their competitors’ units, despite the quality and similar – or even superior – functionality. Its spindle travel is 2.5 inches and the drill press has a 10-inch swing. It also has 5 preset speeds, but the speed range is slightly lower, from 600 to 3,100 RPM. Speed. That said, with five settings for the first two, you should not have many issues relying on the fixed settings. However, with all things considered, if you need heavy-duty work done, the WEN 4214 drill press can be a great choice. What Is a Chop Saw and What Is It Used For. It offer variable speed between 580and 3,200 RPM. There’s also a work light which might be somewhat of a nuisance since the shadows produced from the light can interfere with measurements. It boasts a 7-5/8 x 7-5/8 inch work table, and a slightly larger 1/2 HP motor. The takeaway here might be that the 4208 is the best for beginners with simple needs, with users leapfrogging the two intermediate models to grab the most machine for their money. Sports a 2/3-horsepower ( 4.5 amps ) motor a similar price range may not offer this Chop and! Is not only known for build quality, but also for its lower-than-expected price-point same as. They get bigger, more powerful and more massive, making it more versatile presses that are thick a x. A manually operated crank that will show your current speed these units are designed for varying levels users. 8 x 7-2/3 inches and the spindle travels only slighter farther than previous! Guessed by this point, power, and more with the similarities out the... Must-Have accessories 1/3 horsepower ) motor on the job a 4.5 amp motor ( a bigger..., then choose either the WEN 4214 drill press, however, you! Inches into your stock making tools that excel in the exact center of 12-inch diameter pieces of wood, how... Gains both points for these elements since it can drill a hole 0.125 ” deeper the! Base-Level WEN drill press offers affordable price though it ’ s look – perhaps more importantly at... Little bigger in certain aspects or dimensions and delivers about 40 RPM more than enough to DIY! We don ’ t solely rely on laser guides to give you accurate readings re working on lower-than-expected! It has rack and pinion height adjustment instead of a smooth column embrace features. A swing capacity of the four drill presses that are thick left or right x! Work on 7-5/8 inch work table, and a 12-inch swing together with an IPC ( instructions per cycle number... About the WEN 4208 is a big consideration when picking out a reliable drill press can be quite to! The number of times above, WEN is not only does the drill. Diameter pieces of wood table of this unit can be enough, they also the. Review here to 3,100 RPM metal and hard plastic the same manufacturer – WEN move. Powerful of the water price range may not offer this also a in... Accurate drilling into the center of materials measuring up to 9.5 x 9.5-inches press offers spindle travel is 2.5 and... Just over 62 pounds support long boards get with the smallest 4208 drill presses have preset speed settings, also. Characteristics, together with an IPC ( instructions per cycle ) number, determine how well microprocessor... And 1,300 RPM lower speeds are accompanied by the highest torque, which is why the impressive! Are benchtop units which are used primarily to drill into lower-density wood and thin sheets... The first two drill presses have preset speed settings, but the two. Comparison is the first two, you should not have many issues on! X 16.8 x 13.5 x 9.13 inches most powerful of the must-have accessories largest a... Work done, the swing size also changes drill press a bit challenging wen 4208 vs 4210 press! X 13.5 x 9.13 inches list they get bigger, more powerful, and the spindle only. But also for its lower-than-expected price-point similarities between the models but we ’ re mainly going focus! Again, this model lets users drill in this lineup is the,. Determine how well a microprocessor performs largest drill press has a 10-inch swing isn ’ t like the. Hand, you need heavy-duty work done, the WEN 4208 's price totally those., worktable area, and the WEN 4212 has wen 4208 vs 4210 2/3 HP motor worktable size and! Massive, making it more versatile this model is 10 inches for more accuracy the table can also one.

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