Animated diagram of the layers of the earth for teachers and students. Then they place glue at the backside of the fold and glue down. Earth's gravity according to the preliminary reference earth model (PREM). How long have the Earth's layers existed? Next they glue the labels right onto the layers, except the crust.

After you have made your model, I would like you to explain it to your turn and talk partner. It is a common thread that is woven into the NGSS, science practices and in the cross-cutting concepts. You should be explaining how each of the parts are represented. How were the layers represented? Yesterday we made a model of the Earth. 1. continental crust – 2. oceanic crust – 3. upper mantle – 4. lower mantle – 5. outer core – 6. inner core – A: Adam M. Dziewonski & Don L. Anderson, “Preliminary Reference Earth Model,” Research article, "Earth's Structure From the Crust to the Inner Core", Breaking News | Oldest rock shows Earth was a hospitable young planet, "Layers Of The Earth: What Lies Beneath Earth's Crust", "Compositional heterogeneity near the base of the mantle transition zone beneath Hawaii", American Association for the Advancement of Science, W. M. Keck Earth Science and Mineral Engineering Museum, "The Different Properties of the Asthenosphere & the Lithosphere", "Mantle Viscosity and the Thickness of the Convective Downwellings", "An Account of the Calculations Made from the Survey and Measures Taken at Schehallien", "Constraints on the crystalline structure of the inner core: Mechanical instability of BCC iron at high pressure", "Experimental astrophysics with high power lasers and Z pinches".

Then I have the children represent the layers of the Earth in another way by having them fill out the interactive science journal page. Oreo cookies--1 per child (1 package has over 50 cookies), M&Ms--1 per child; a small bag will be enough for a classroom, chocolate syrup--1 small bottle --(You will have lots left over), small plate or napkin--1 per child (to put the Oreos on).

The average magnetic field in Earth's outer core is estimated to measure 25 Gauss (2.5 mT), 50 times stronger than the magnetic field at the surface. By the end of this unit, called Earth Changes, the children will have to understand how the movement of the crust and mantle creates changes, either quickly or slowly. Mechanically, it can be divided into lithosphere, asthenosphere, mesospheric mantle, outer core, and the inner core. But before we begin our modeling, I show this short video. ;[35][36][37] However, more recent studies in 2011[which?] Chemically, Earth can be divided into the crust, upper mantle, lower mantle, outer core, and inner core. You can then explain that the outer core will be represented by some chocolate syrup. Layers of the Earth interactive science journal page, Layers of the Earth student diagram worksheet, Layers of the Earth diagram teaching poster, Science Strategy- Using Songs and Rhythm Information Sheet, Oreo cookie model explanation turn and talk partners video clip, my class singing Layers of the Earth song video clip, Using Skittles to Learn about Weathering and Erosion. Since the children explored the idea of making models in the previous lesson, we are going to elaborate on that idea today. How are the meanings of stress and strain in the context of people vs. rocks similar and different? Their partner is the person who is sitting the closest to them. Crust.

5.515 g/cm3. The children should come up with the idea themselves that the M&M will be the center, since it is the smallest; the white frosting will be the mantle and the brown part will be the crust.

Then I have the children elaborate on the ideas learned by making their own EDIBLE model, yum! By making this simple model they will expand their thinking about how objects can be described in terms of their parts.

This is an area of active research. The squirt needs to be a little larger than the diameter of the M&M. This result has been known since the Schiehallion experiment, performed in the 1770s. Layers of the Earth interactive science journal page--1 per child (as an alternative, you could use this worksheet) Layers of the Earth diagram teaching poster--to pull up on Smartboard as a model; construction paper--1 per child to glue your models on if you do NOT have science notebooks. Knowing this song, "Throw your hands up for the layers of the Earth--inner core, outer core, mantle and crust" will help the children when they are making their models and also when they are explaining it to a partner. In this lesson, the children try this out for themselves by making their own model of Earth's layers by using Oreo cookies.

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