Unless you had a family member that served in the Coast Guard, you probably haven’t even given it a second thought. Lastly, they will examine any mental, neurological, or cardiovascular abnormalities. Some of them go on to be rescue swimmers as well. To get at the top of that list and get accepted into the Coast Guard, here is what you need to do:-- Good grades. What did Trump do to honor veterans on veterans day since yahoo refused to post a story? Living in LA, she says her swimming came naturally with a pool in the backyard and endless days at the beach. Only three women serve as rescue swimmers today. While it’s helpful to have prior training or knowledge in telephone and computer systems maintenance, it’s not required. We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. You will need to be proficient in solving mathematical problems and have a high aptitude for electrical and mechanical problems. Candidates must also successfully complete a 200 meter buddy tow. Enlist in the Coast Guard. “There are so many cool stories to tell, but I wouldn’t want a daughter of mine to go through what I did. Tell him to also be sure to look around at other rates. With that said, the Coast Guard is actually one of the best kept secrets the US military has to offer. What kind of job would I like to do after my service is up? Jumping from helicopters into the choppy, frigid waters of the deep ocean isn’t for everyone--and it takes more than just being a strong swimmer. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. You have to be at your first unit 4 months before you can put your name on any list. Take and pass the National Registry of Emergency Medical Techicians basic exam. Forever. The specialists have advanced through incredibly difficult training and testing in order to achieve the rank of an Aviation Survival Technician (AST)/Helicopter Rescue team member. Like this piece? ), “I’m an actual valley girl,” says Sara Faulkner early on in our conversation. My Black Son Was Sent Home From First Grade Because of His Natural Hair. They called for the Coast Guard and only had a little remote radio and even that battery was failing. jeeper_peeper321. Not only do you need a high level of mental acuity and military bearing, but you also need to be a heck of a swimmer! You have to wait untill someone decertifies or leaves the coast guard before you can start training. After a follow on assignment proved similarly challenging, Faulkner almost left the Coast Guard. Welcome aboard! Image: af.mil. Faulkner secured the first passenger in a basket to be pulled into the helicopter, and used the sling augmented double pick-up (SADPU) for the other two. They may work out of geographically centralized shops, communications area master stations, and on major cutters.

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